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Orphaned Mwaia (12)
also needs a loving sponsor

For just $30/month ($1.00/day)

a child in the bush will be able to get a good education and overcome poverty


 Many of these children cannot attend school without help from caring people.

Through sponsors, ASOS provides
for the care of orphans and the education
 and support of children of impoverished bush pastors in western Kenya.

Orphans like these desperately need your help

Wavuta (10) s also orphaned and needs a sponsor

Bush pastors, such as  this one, have difficulty supporting their families while fulfilling their calling

Is a program sponsored by CrossBridge Church

Jerusa is a six year of orphan who needs a loving sponsor

Many orphaned children in Kenya are being raised by a caregiver or grandparent.

For more information to sponsor a child in Kenya,contact Frank Finley/Missions Director  (above) at

Bush Pastor Daniel Ashanda