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​Brady is currently raising both prayer and financial support to minister in Japan full time. If you would like to contact him to become a partner in missions, hear more about his passion for the Japanese, become his prayer partner, or receive his monthly newsletter, please contact him at:

Phone: (727)504-2929
To support him financially online, go to:
                                                    / Give / Give to a missionary
                                                            Enter Brady Hill and/or his account number: 112373

​•Brady first fell in love with Japan when he was in culinary arts school studying the art of Japanese Cooking (Washoku).

•Went on an 8 week mission trip to Japan in July 2015 and his heart was set ablaze to reach the Japanese people.

•Brady’s goal now is to focus on ministering to students and training them to be disciple makers who make more disciple makers, and prays that he will be used as a catalyst for a wildly huge church planting movement among the younger generations.

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Pioneers Japan

•23 Years Old
•Born in St. Petersburg , FL
•Studied Culinary Arts
•Studied Missiology at NYCIP
•Passionate about reaching the people of Japan

Missions in JAPAN!

Brady Hill

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